Container Summit: Melding Docker, microservices and virtualization

posted Apr 13, 2015, 2:39 PM by Rick Hightower
From SD Times article: Container Summit: Melding Docker, microservices and virtualization.

"Containers are changing the way developers architect, build, test and deploy cloud-based applications. At the Container Summit held yesterday in New York, the convergence of Docker, microservices and OS-level virtualization was front and center."

" 'Containers are eating the world,' said the event’s emcee, Joyent CEO Scott Hammond, borrowing from Netscape founder Marc Andreessen’s famous declaration about software. “Everyone is using containers, learning about them, experimenting with them, and you have to wonder why?”"

Hammond went on to discuss Docker, microservices, DevOps and cloud computing. Hammond microservice slant is more geared towards containerization. The focus is on OS-level virtualization to maximize throughput and minimize virtualization footprint.

" 'Microservices are an embodiment of the Unix philosophy applied to distributed systems,' said Cantrill. 'They do one thing, and do it well.' "

"(John Willis in his keynote entitled) “Guns, Germs & Microservices,” painted microservices as small autonomous services that work together, loosely coupled with containers in service-oriented architectures. Working together, he said the true power in containers and microservices is enabling Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in cloud-based application development."

Read the full article to see advice on what is the most important parts of a microservice (hint logging and containerization).