Czar Maker Consul

posted Apr 13, 2016, 12:24 AM by Rick Hightower

Czar Maker Consul - Reactive Java Leadership Election

Czar Maker is a nice set of interfaces for Leader Election.

There is one Czar Maker Consul implementation of this interface that uses Consul. You could use the interface to implement leader election with zookeeper or etcd. Consul and etcd use the RAFT algorithm to present a reliable kv storage (Zookeeper uses a similar technique as Consul and etcd).
Czar uses Reakt, a Java reactive, streaming API, with callbacks and promises that is Java 8 and Lambda friendly
Czar also uses QBit microservices as its HTTP/IO lib.

Czar Maker Consul is a Java lib for leadership election. Czar Maker Consul uses Consul to do leadership election.

Getting Started




compile 'io.advantageous.czarmaker:czar-maker-consul:0.1.0.RELEASE'

Sample usage

import io.advantageous.consul.Consul;
import io.advantageous.czarmaker.Endpoint;
import io.advantageous.czarmaker.consul.*;
import io.advantageous.qbit.util.TestTimer;
import io.advantageous.reakt.promise.Promise;
import io.advantageous.reakt.promise.Promises;
import io.advantageous.reakt.reactor.Reactor;
import io.advantageous.reakt.reactor.TimeSource;


    private final long sessionTTL = 10;
    private final long newLeaderCheckInterval = 5;
    private ConsulLeadershipElector leadershipElector;
    private Reactor reactor;
    private TestTimer testTimer;
    private Consul consul;

        consul = Consul.consul();
        testTimer = new TestTimer();
        reactor = Reactor.reactor(Duration.ofSeconds(30), new TestTimeSource(testTimer));
        final String serviceName = "foo";

        ConsulLeadershipProvider provider = new ConsulLeadershipProvider(serviceName, consul, TimeUnit.SECONDS, sessionTTL);

        leadershipElector = new ConsulLeadershipElector(provider, serviceName, reactor, TimeUnit.SECONDS,
                sessionTTL, newLeaderCheckInterval);

        /** Get the current leader. */
        Promise<Endpoint> promise = Promises.<Endpoint>blockingPromise();


        /** Elect this endpoint as the current leader. */
        Promise<Boolean> selfElectPromise = Promises.<Boolean>blockingPromise();
        leadershipElector.selfElect(new Endpoint("", 9091), selfElectPromise);

        assertTrue("We are now the leader", selfElectPromise.get());

        /** Get the current leader again.  */
        Promise<Endpoint> getLeaderPromise = Promises.<Endpoint>blockingPromise();

        /** See if it present. */

        /** See if it has the host */
        assertEquals("", getLeaderPromise.get().getHost());

        /** See if the port is 9091. */
        assertEquals(9091, getLeaderPromise.get().getPort());



        /** Elect a new leader. */
        leadershipElector.selfElect(new Endpoint("", 9092), selfElectPromise);