Microservices Monitoring

posted May 3, 2015, 12:07 PM by Rick Hightower

Reactive Microservices Monitoring is an essential ingredient of microservices architecture. You need it for debugging, knowing your users, working with partners, building reactive systems that react to load and failures without cascading outages. Reactive Microservices Monitoring can not be a hindsight decision. Build your microservices with microservices monitoring in mind from the start. Make sure that the microservices lib that you use has monitoring of runtime statistics built in from the start. Make sure that is a core part of the microservices library. StatsD and Code Hale Statistics allow you to gather metrics in a standard way. Tools like Graphite, Kibana, DataDog and Banana help you understand the data, and build dashboards. QBit, the Java Microservices Library, includes a query-able stats service which feeds into StatsD/CodeHale Metrics. QBit can also be used to create reactive features to do rate limiting or spin up new nodes. With big data, data science, and microservices, monitoring microservices runtime stats is required to know your application users, know your partners, know what your system will do under load, etc. 

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