Reactive Java using Reakt by example

posted May 5, 2016, 9:57 PM by Rick Hightower

Reactive Java code examples using Reakt (with links to docs for further info)

This is a presentation of different Reakt features in the context of a real application. I have renamed the classnames and such, but this is from an in-progress microservice. It demonstrates where you would use the Reakt pieces to build a reactive Java application.
This covers usage of Reakt:
  • blocking promises
  • Promises.all
  • invokable promise
  • Expected values
  • Circuit breakers
  • Working with the Reactor
  • Working with streams
  • Using AsyncSuppliers to create downstream services
  • Reakt Guava integration
  • Using promise.thenMap

Please read the full article here: Reactive Java using Reakt by example