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Mammatus Inc. is a consulting company which specializes in high-speed microservice development.

Mammatus provides consulting, and mentoring services for high-speed microservice development.

There is a huge ROI by leveraging high-speed microservice development to reduce your cloud footprint from 100s and 1,000s of instances to a few. 

Contact us at 415-968-9037.

Microservices News

  • Using QBit to create Java RESTful microservices QBit Restful MicroservicesBefore we delve into QBit restful services, let's cover what we get from gradle's application plugin. In order to be a microservice, a service needs ...
    Posted by Rick Hightower
  • Mobile applications: the biggest drive for Microservices Architectures? Many of the articles and talks about microservices architecture leave out an important concept. They mention the influencers to microservices, but leave out one of the major influencers of microservices ...
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  • SD Times Digging into Microservices Are your monolithic applications becoming too big and too complicated to handle?" 'Microservice architecture is the idea that rather than building large monolithic applications, where you have one enormous thing ...
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  • Microservices Architecture | Microservices Resonates Neal Ford has four reasons why Microservices Architecture Resonates.    DevOps and virtualization 2.0 laid the foundation for microservices by automating machine provisioning and deployments. He argues the cost to ...
    Posted Apr 15, 2015, 10:34 AM by Rick Hightower
  • Consul Service Discovery and Health For Microservices Architecture Tutorial Consul is a great fit for service discovery which is needed for elastic, cloud services, and an essential ingredient for microservices.We will set up multiple server agents and client ...
    Posted Apr 14, 2015, 6:39 PM by Rick Hightower
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